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Elegant and timeless in design, sash windows give your Bury St Edmunds home curb appeal. Their stylish and functional construction allows you to improve ventilation in your home and lower energy bills, while the classic design complements traditional properties.


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KLIC Sash Windows.

Visually appealing, sash windows often attract attention from homeowners in Bury St Edmunds. Their classic charm can add character to your property, plus they allow plenty of natural light in during the day. Moreover, this design allows for improved ventilation, and this is especially true with double-hung sash windows.

Sash windows are the ideal investment in the short and long term, being energy efficient to lower your bills and add value to your home in Bury St Edmunds. At KLIC Home Improvements, we provide high-quality materials that ensure your sash windows stand the test of time. They are also secure for family homes and require minimal maintenance with uPVC frames.

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The Advantages of Sash Windows

Let’s explore the numerous reasons why homeowners in Bury St Edmunds are choosing sash windows.

Classic Design

Sash windows have been popular for many years, and this is not just due to their practicality. It is also because they boast an elegant and sophisticated classic design. KLIC lets you choose from many styles, sizes and colours to complement your home. This includes Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian styles. They can be the perfect addition to traditional and period properties. For many homeowners in Bury St Edmunds, sash windows have a timeless design.

Weather Resistant

You can enjoy the appearance of timber on your sash windows but the durability of uPVC when you choose KLIC Home Improvements. A uPVC frame needs little maintenance, yet it is weather-resistant. It will not rot or corrode when it is exposed to bad weather in Bury St Edmunds. This is without treatment or painting. During the summer, ultraviolet rays do not affect this material either, and it will not fade or discolour. Again, this means you do not have to deal with yearly maintenance. uPVC sash windows will look their best for years.

Long Lifespan

Nobody in Bury St Edmunds wants to have to replace their windows too frequently.The good news is that you will be making a wise investment in sash windows. Due to the construction with uPVC, KLIC’s sash windows enjoy a long lifespan and you should not have to replace them for at least 20 years. When they are properly maintained, these windows may last even longer. Therefore, know that you are investing in long-lasting sash windows that will add value if you sell your home in the future.

Superior Ventilation

For a healthy home in Bury St Edmunds, you need proper ventilation. The great thing about sash windows is that they give you control. Namely, when you have a double-hung sash window, you have the ability to open the top panel and allow warm air to escape and prevent drafts. Alternatively, you can open the lower panel for fresh air in the morning. What’s more, you can control how open you want the window to be for safety and ventilation.

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Our Windows Colour Range

We have plenty of colours to choose from to ensure that can find something that fits your home!

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Flush Sash Windows

Discover the benefits of flush sash windows here in Bury St Edmunds

Easy Clean-Fire Egress Hinges

Lipped for enhanced smooth operation. Easy friction adjustment without metal contact. Restricted hinge options are available to protect the most vulnerable.

Available as standard on every Side Hung Opening Casement.

Customisable Handle Options

Guaranteed warranty for 10 years, available in various colours to complement any window style. Our austenitic 304 stainless steel ergonomic handles are rust-resistant.

5 Standard Handle Options with Monkey Tail Options

Stainless Steel Friction Stays

Available in ferritic 430 or austenitic 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Durable and weather resistant, tested to 30,000 open cycles.

Reliable Corrosion Resistant Hinges

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Maximum security multi-point locking provide enhanced protection against forced entry. Additional dog bolts improve stability around the entire frame and prevent attack on the hinge side of the window.

Secured by Design Locking as Standard Across Range.

Trickle Vents as Standard

Available in uPVC and aluminium, in a range of colours to match any frame (vent in frame head for flush casement). Provided loose to prevent damage in transit. Complies with latest building regulations.

Trickle Vents Provided Where Ever Legally Required.

Accredited All Performance

Superior weather sealing and draught proofing performance, conforming to the exacting standards of the BS-36751 accreditation.

You can be Assured The Elements Will Be Kept Out

Docking System Bolt

Patented bolt into the keep docking system prevents sideways movement of the bolt when under attack

Fully Patented Locking System

Superior Shoot Bolt

Heavy-duty bolt has up to 300 per cent greater contact area against competitor shoot bolts.

Industry Leading Shoot Bolts

Durable Hardware

Salt and spray resistant (BSEN1670), cycle tested over 50,000 times for ultimate long term performance.

Will Hold Up Against All The Elements

Our Reviews

Read why our customers loved using KLIC Home Improvements to transform their home!

Bob Lloyd
Bob Lloyd★★★★★
Read More
We recently had new upstair windows fitted to our property. The fitters arrived at 8.30 in the morning and left, having cleared up all the mess at 5.30pm. The guys were very friendly and did an excellent job.
Elizabeth Boydon
Elizabeth Boydon★★★★★
Read More
Process from start to finish was easy and convenient. I put the enquiry in, someone got back to me almost immediately and arranged to come and talk through my needs at a time convenient to me.
Thommy H
Thommy H★★★★★
Read More
Efficient, friendly service. Installation was carried out over two days, fitters were prompt and polite and left no mess! Windows look good and the effect on our home's energy efficiency is already noticeable. Happy to recommend.
Jenny Brightwell
Jenny Brightwell★★★★★
Read More
I had windows and door fitted and they are great. They were unusual sizes but Klic Home improvements were not phased by this. Great job, very efficient and the installer was great, very professional and cleaned up after himself. I would definitely recommend this company
Samuel Frost
Samuel Frost★★★★★
Read More
Great service from start to finish. Salesmen was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Kept up to date throughout manufacture of windows. Installation team was top class kept workarea very tidy and made sure job was done right and to our satisfaction.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Sash windows, or sash and case windows, have always been a popular choice with homeowners in Bury St Edmunds. This is due to their classic design and how they operate with moveable panels. In particular, there are one or two moveable panels, which are referred to as sashes. You can slide them open, and this is often done vertically. There are two styles you want to explore:


Single-Hung Sash Windows: This style features one moveable glass window panel. Often, this is the lower panel and the top is fixed and cannot be opened.


Double-Hung Sash Windows: With this style, both of the glass panels on the window can be moved. Thus, you can choose to open the upper or lower panel.

Every family wants to have a safe home, and this means investing in secure windows. Thankfully, this is what you can enjoy with sash windows. The most important step is selecting a professional company to supply and install them. With KLIC Home Improvements, we prioritise security, and this means having multi-locking points on the frame. They are also constructed from uPVC, which is known for its durability and strength, making them hard to compromise. 

Yes, you can enjoy double glazing when you choose sash windows. This is proving to be a great investment for homeowners in Bury St Edmunds since they are energy-efficient and noise-reducing. For example, if you live in a busy area of Bury St Edmunds with passing cars, school children or other noisy activities, double-glazing can help to create a more peaceful home and block out commotions that disturb you during the day and at night.

If you are environmentally conscious, you will be pleased with sash windows. You can reduce your carbon footprint since there is less need for central heating during the winter and for cooling during the summer. Thus, you can lower your energy consumption, and this is particularly true when you choose double-glazing sash windows and have them properly sealed and insulated by the team at KLIC. What’s more, investing in high-quality sash windows ensures they last for many years without being replaced. You can recycle your old windows with KLIC’s scheme and save towards your new sash windows.

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