Do New Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Millions of householders in the UK take on major home improvement projects each year. Many focus on the interior, with bathroom and kitchen remodels top of the home upgrade list, while others carry out exterior remodels such as painting walls or rendering brickwork.

There is one way to improve your home’s interior and exterior at the same time, and that’s by replacing old windows. Installing new glazing is a long-lasting, cost-effective home improvement that cuts heating bills by increasing energy efficiency. It also transforms the appearance of home exteriors.

Furthermore, these benefits can raise the market value of your property. Installing new double-glazed windows is a particularly good investment if you’re likely to be selling your home at some point in the near future.


How Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

Many homebuyers don’t want the inconvenience and extra cost of having to update their new home when they’ve only just bought it. Old windows will often raise a red flag for a potential property buyer, and this may result in a lost sale or give the buyer stronger bargaining power to negotiate a lower price for your home.

On the other hand, new windows will add value to a home, especially when the potential buyer is made aware that most professionally installed double glazing can be expected to last around 30 years or longer.

New windows can help you get a better price for your home in multiple ways.


Kerb Appeal  

Kerb appeal – how good your property looks from the outside – is important if you put your home on the market. The House Beautiful magazine has reported that one-third of house-hunters are willing to pay 25% more for a home with an attractive exterior.

Outdated, tired-looking single-glazed windows and old double glazing showing signs of wear and tear detract from a home’s kerb appeal. The solution is to replace them with modern double-glazed windows to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.

These windows come in a range of designs and styles that can enhance the appearance of all types of houses, from contemporary homes to period properties. The resulting welcoming exterior will give potential buyers a good first impression that puts them in a buying frame of mind before they even set foot inside. 


Better Energy Efficiency

Once your new windows have helped entice homebuyers inside, you can point out how your double glazing has made your home more energy efficient. Up to 30% of heat generated in homes is lost through inefficient windows. Double glazing addresses this problem. 

The two layers of glass with insulating gas between them prevent warm air inside from escaping while acting as a shield against cold air from outside. This means you can turn down the heating while maintaining your home at a comfortable temperature. This not only keeps you warm but also reduces energy bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if you live in a semi-detached gas-heated property, replacing single glazing with A-rated double-glazed windows can save £165 a year on energy bills. That figure rises to £180 if you install A++ double glazing.


Noise Reduction

Estate agents will tell you that the housing market puts a higher value on quiet homes.Unless your home is in an idyllic, tranquil location far away from all sources of external noise, most homebuyers will check for some form of soundproofing.

It’s impossible to make a home 100% soundproof, but double glazing can reduce noise from outside by up to 65%. They dampen transmission of noise by absorbing sound vibrations. 

Homebuyers will be further impressed if your windows have acoustic trickle vents. Ventilation slits play an important role in ensuring adequate air flow in homes, and acoustic trickle vents keep out noise while letting in fresh air.

When considering noise reduction, house-hunters may also favour double glazing over triple glazing, which can amplify sound waves when they vibrate on the internal pane.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

As your new windows keep your house warm and quieter, they’re also doing their bit to help the planet. Many house-hunters these days are increasingly looking for properties that align with their environmentally-friendly values.

With older windows, your heating has to work harder. This increases energy use, which contributes to pollution and carbon emissions – the main factors in climate change.

Double-glazed windows result in less fuel use, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 680kgs a year (more than half a tonne).This is the equivalent of filling 680 large beach balls with the gas, driving 2,500 miles in your car, or making nearly 11,000 cups of tea.


Stronger Security

House-hunters take home security seriously, and it’s a crucial influencing factor when deciding which home to buy.Homes with single-glazed windows are generally at higher risk of a break-in. With just one pane of glass and a wooden frame, they have multiple points of weakness that make them an easy target for intruders.

Installing new double-glazed windows with uPVC frames significantly strengthens home security.The glass in double glazing is much stronger and there are two layers of it.

Most of today’s double-glazed windows are designed with built-in hi-tech security features including multi-point locking systems. Steel-reinforced uPVC frames are also available as an additional security measure.


Less Condensation

If your home shows evidence of damp, a potential buyer is highly likely to negotiate a lower price or lose interest completely.Condensation – the most common cause of damp – is often present in homes as a result of moisture building up on the inside and outside of single-glazed windows.

This can lead to damp patches on walls and ceilings that encourage growth of toxic mould. Spores released by mould can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergic reactions. Condensation can also cause structural damage over time.

Installing new double-glazed windows reduces condensation and its associated risks by up to 85%.


UV Protection

Solar ultraviolet (UV) rays can easily penetrate into homes through single-glazed windows. This can trigger allergies and cause skin problems such as rashes and wrinkles and contribute to the development of skin cancer.

Built-in UV screening in double-glazed windows stops up to 99% of UV light from getting into homes. You may find that health-conscious homebuyers aware of the dangers of sun exposure are willing to pay more for this peace of mind. Windows with UV protection also protect home furnishings and fabrics from fading.


Which Types of Windows Add Most Value to Your Home?

Buyers will expect most houses, unless they are historic or period homes, to have double glazing, which is now standard in most UK homes. Research indicates they’ll be willing on average to pay 10%  more for it. With the current average UK house price (£264,400), that’s an extra £26,400 in the bank.

But to achieve the best price for your home you need to install double-glazed windows in a design style that’s a good fit for your property.

Types of windows that impress homebuyers include:

  • Double-glazed casement windows. These cost less than many other types of window styles and look good in both contemporary homes and older properties. 
  • Double-glazed flush windows, which replicate the visual appeal of timber casement windows found in traditional cottages.
  • Double-glazed cottage windows. The traditional design of these windows makes them a good choice for older properties. Or they can introduce rustic charm in newer houses.
  • Double-glazed sash windows – a popular choice for older properties because they have the elegant charm of traditional wooden windows. 
  • Double-glazed bay windows, which create an architectural focal point, can be a selling point when it comes to kerb appeal.


Selling Your Home in a Buyer’s Market

While house prices look set to remain fairly stable, some national estate agents are predicting a drop of 1-2% in seller asking prices in 2024. And with the number of homes for sale continuing to exceed the number of buyers, the UK housing market is likely to remain locked in a buyer’s market. 

While this may be good news for homebuyers, it’s not so good for sellers, who need to find ways to make their home more sellable.

One way to do this is by installing new double-glazed windows. These will show homebuyers your house has lower heating costs thanks to improved energy efficiency.

They’ll also appreciate the reduced carbon emissions, strengthened home security, noise reduction, and not having to worry about condensation or ultraviolet light issues. These factors can all help you sell your home faster at a higher price.


Selling Your Home in Regions Where Prices Are Falling

It can be harder to get a good price for your home in some regions. East Anglia, for instance, saw the UK’s biggest drop in house prices in 2023, with them plummeting by more than 5%.

As the region’s leading home improvement company, KLIC can help you enhance the value of your home. Installing quality double-glazed windows will help local sellers get the best possible price for their home, and if you happen to be staying put, you can enjoy the energy efficiency that new windows bring.

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