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Double Glazing Bury St Edmunds.

Improve your home with our A rated double glazing windows

With KLIC Home’s double-glazing Bury St Edmunds windows, you’re investing in your home’s energy efficiency, ensuring no penny of your hard-earned money is squandered on sky-high energy bills. Given that energy costs are projected to double over the next decade, the installation of double-glazed windows is a prudent and timely home improvement.

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Double Glazing Specialists For Bury St Edmunds

Safety and Security with our Double Glazing Bury St Edmunds Windows.

Ensure peace of mind with our Double Glazing Bury St Edmunds Windows, providing unmatched safety and security for your home.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better provider of Bury St Edmunds Double Glazing windows than KLIC Home. We stand by the quality and value of our offerings.

Our windows are manufactured using the Optima Profile 22 System, which is known for its quality and comes in various styles and sizes, ensuring all functional attributes are met. Our double glazing is also suitable for use in a range of doors including composite doors, french doors, bi-fold doors and more.

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The Klic Window Range

We have many different window styles to suit your needs and a range of different colours so you can pick something perfect for your home.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Our Tilt and Turn windows offer you the dual advantages of aesthetic appeal and practicality. They are designed to provide maximum opening areas, making them a secure fire escape option. You can choose from various styles to suit your specific needs.

Casement Windows

Among our offerings, our double-glazed casement windows Bury St Edmunds are the most sought after. They are designed for optimal security and energy efficiency, coming in an array of styles and finishes that can enhance your home’s appearance. But their appeal is not just skin-deep – these windows are practical and robust.

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Sash window installation bury st edmunds

Sash Windows

Our vertical sliding sash windows marry the grace of traditional sash windows with the practical advantages of modern materials. Crafted from uPVC, these windows are sturdy, immune to rotting, warping and don’t require repainting. This ensures that your new windows maintain their colour and shape over the years, offering you enduring aesthetics and performance.

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Glazing Options

We only provide a minimum of double glazed units meaning all out windows have a  minimum of Grade A Energy Efficiency. Want even more thermal performance? Ask about our triple glazed A rated windows!


Double Glazed

Our Standard Double Glazing Sealed Units offer exceptional levels of thermal performance achieving a minimum of Grade ‘A’ Energy Efficiency Quality Windows.

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Triple Glazed

Our Triple Glazing Sealed Units boost this exceptional thermal performance further by achieving a minimum of ‘A rated’ Energy Efficiency.

Performance Glass Options

We have many different window styles to suit your needs and a range of different colours so you can pick something perfect for your home.

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comfort plus
Bury st edmunds Double glazing

Why you should consider KLIC Home’s Double Glazing windows.

Our energy-efficient windows are manufactured using the latest technology in glass and spacer units.

This not only allows for heat generated from your home to be reflected back into the room, it also traps free heat from the sun through solar gain. This, in turn, maximises the thermal performance of your new windows.

Complete Range

Below you will find our complete range of coloured foils available to be applied to our Double Glazing units.

uPVC Casement Window Benefits

Discover the benefits of upvc casement windows

Easy Clean-Fire Egress Hinges

Lipped for enhanced smooth operation. Easy friction adjustment without metal contact. Restricted hinge options are available to protect the most vulnerable.

Available as standard on every Side Hung Opening Casement.

Customisable Handle Options

Guaranteed warranty for 10 years, available in various colours to complement any window style. Our austenitic 304 stainless steel ergonomic handles are rust-resistant.

5 Standard Handle Options with Monkey Tail Options

Stainless Steel Friction Stays

Available in ferritic 430 or austenitic 304 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. Durable and weather resistant, tested to 30,000 open cycles.

Reliable Corrosion Resistant Hinges

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Maximum security multi-point locking provide enhanced protection against forced entry. Additional dog bolts improve stability around the entire frame and prevent attack on the hinge side of the window.

Secured by Design Locking as Standard Across Range.

Trickle Vents as Standard

Available in uPVC and aluminium, in a range of colours to match any frame (vent in frame head for flush casement). Provided loose to prevent damage in transit. Complies with latest building regulations.

Trickle Vents Provided Where Ever Legally Required.

Accredited All Performance

Superior weather sealing and draught proofing performance, conforming to the exacting standards of the BS-36751 accreditation.

You can be Assured The Elements Will Be Kept Out

Docking System Bolt

Patented bolt into the keep docking system prevents sideways movement of the bolt when under attack

Fully Patented Locking System

Superior Shoot Bolt

Heavy-duty bolt has up to 300 per cent greater contact area against competitor shoot bolts.

Industry Leading Shoot Bolts

Durable Hardware

Salt and spray resistant (BSEN1670), cycle tested over 50,000 times for ultimate long term performance.

Will Hold Up Against All The Elements

Our Double Glazing Bury St Edmunds FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Double glazing is a type of window setup that allows for two panes of glass within a single frame, separated by a gap filled with a gas that has high insulation ability. This slows the movement of heat from inside the house to the outside, as well as noise coming in from the outside, allowing you to live in peace.

Double glazing can be installed within a range of different types of windows and doors, such as French doors, specialist windows etc.

Double Glazing Bury St Edmunds Windows can reduce energy bills

Choosing to replace your single-glazed or old double-glazed units saves you money from day one. In fact, choosing KLIC Home’s double-glazing could reduce your heating costs by up to 20% – saving a significant amount of money each year

Robust and Resistant

Our windows feature innovative Q-Lon weather seals. Offering high-quality windows with exceptional performance over a wide temperature range, the unique construction actively absorbs noise pollution, increasing acoustic insulation. Immune to rot, mould, mildew, UV, and ozone, CFC-free Q-Lon weather seals will last the lifetime of a window.

High-Quality Energy Efficient Materials

Up to 80% of a double-glazing unit’s energy loss occurs at the glass edge, however, our windows come fitted with a warm edge spacer with advanced composite construction. This makes double-glazed windows in Bury St Edmunds shine due to the cold weather snaps that can strike the area during winter months.

Lower heat loss at window edges makes our glass 3-4°C warmer, cutting condensation by up to 80%. In addition, due to the use of high-performance gaskets, our double glazing reduces noise pollution too.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to have replacement windows and doors come in double glazing. There are some factors to look out for, such as the material of the frames and sometimes even building regulations, but this service is one of our most popular due to the impressive benefits that double glazing in windows and doors offers.

This is a common misunderstanding of terms, as it’s entirely possible to have double and triple-glazing UPVC windows, as UPVC simply refers to the materials used in the frame of the window. UPVC windows are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency, durability and low maintenance. UPVC windows in Bury St Edmunds shine due to their energy efficiency abilities, which are especially important in the cold weather that sometimes hits the area, as well as their high levels of durability and low maintenance.

Both styles of windows in Bury St Edmunds will serve the same vital purpose – reducing both heat loss and noise pollution. However, they differ in style and installation method.

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier FAQ, Double Glazing has a pocket of insulated air in the middle of the two panes of glass. They are installed as a complete unit.

Secondary glazing, however, is installed by adding the second pane of glass, or alternatively a plastic panel, to a single-glazed window on the interior side. This panel creates a gap filled with air between the original pane and the new one.

Of the two formats of glazing, it’s widely accepted that double glazing is more effective than secondary glazing. The reason for this is that the insulating gas is more than just air, it’s often argon or krypton, which is far more effective and protects against energy loss. On top of that, it comes together as a professionally constructed unit, meaning it is ensured to have a tight seal made up to industry standards.

That being said, secondary glazing does have an advantage in that it’s less intrusive, meaning that it’s far more likely to be accepted in listed buildings, or other areas that have similar protections.

As strange as it may sound, the answer is yes. Double glazing is not built specifically for this purpose, of course, but due to its high degree of control over what manages to travel in through your windows, outside pollutants and other such triggers can be prevented from entering your home.

On top of this, the temperature control alongside the anti-condensation measures means that the moisture that would otherwise enter your home, simply can’t. Having a dry home means fighting against mildew, mould, and other bacteria that grow in the moist that have foul effects on the lungs.

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