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Beautifully balanced aluminium bi-folds

Stylish, Secure and Sustainable.

Are you looking for a premium service to create and install high-quality bi-fold doors in Cambridge. We transform your home with elegance, flexibility and superior functionality. Delve into why our aluminium bi-fold doors Cambridge are the perfect investment to make for any property, with a focus on style, security, durability, and energy efficiency.

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Customised to suit your Cambridge home

Our Bi-Fold Doors have a contemporary and sleek appearance that can improve the look and atmosphere of your property. They are characterised by their slim profiles, sporting a minimalistic, efficient and clean look that is often suited to more modern architectural designs. 

These doors are almost entirely made of glass and are arranged in several different panel layouts. This means that your Cambridge home will enjoy a great deal of natural light coming into your home, eliminating the most need for artificial lighting. When closed, they offer a view of the garden which is almost completely unobstructed, and when opened, they fold away neatly. 

KLIC Home’s Bi-Fold Doors offer a few different styles of Bi-Fold Doors. Aside from our colour schemes, we have “stepped” and “flat” configuration styles available: 

  • Stepped Bi-Fold Doors – Stepped Bi-Fold doors are installed with the panels layered atop one another when the door is slid open. This means that each panel will protrude outward slightly more than the previous ones. This is ideal for properties where space is not readily available, as it’s very economical in the space that it takes up. 
  • Flat Bi-Fold Doors – This type of door folds back onto itself in a smooth, neat manner, creating a flat surface effect when opened. This allows for maximal opening space and an unobstructed view of the outside. 

Bi-Fold Doors Energy Efficiency

Bi-Fold Doors are made up almost entirely of double-glazing or triple-glazing glass. This significantly improves the doors’ thermal efficiency by trapping air or insulating gas between the panes of glass. This means that the heat transfer of your indoor heating to the outside will be largely slowed by the glass. 

On top of that, thermal break technology is implemented. A non-metallic barrier has been placed between the inner and outer aluminium frames, preventing heat transfer within the frames and effectively insulating your home. 

Aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with tight seals to prevent drafts and ensure that little heat can escape from within your household. The seals implemented also keep cold air out, meaning that the outdoors will not leak in through drafts and lower your home’s temperature. 

Essentially, all of these things give our doors an incredibly low U-value, which is overall our goal. After all, a U-value ranks how good the material of your door is at keeping the heat in. The lower the value, the better it is at retaining heat. 

Overall, higher energy efficiencies lead to lower energy bills. In a way, this means that your home improvement option may end up paying for itself in the long run in energy bill savings.

Bi-Fold Door Benefits

Our bi-fold doors come with a range of different benefits and options so you have complete control:

Choose Your Style

These slim, perfectly balanced bi-folds are available in 2 different styles. Choose between either a stepped or contemporary ‘flat-faced’ style. With configurations up to 7 panels wide, we have something available to fit your home.

Thermlock® Technology

Innovative Thermlock® insulating chambers, concealed inside each Prestige bi-folding door, helps keep your home well insulated. These insulating chambers, allied with high performance double glazing, provide excellent thermal performance.

Slimline Handles

The internal handles folding away when not in use to maintain the slimline appearance of these doors. Flush styling also perfectly matches flush Classic and Prestige windows, matching the existing look across your property.

Balanced Aesthetics

Custom designed single rollers eliminate the need for floating mullions – the section of the door frame that divides two window inserts or doors. This ensures that our bi-folds have consistent 138mm sightlines between sashes, creating a completely balanced look.

Patented Construction

Our patented construction method provides unparalleled levels of strength and security, while also helping eliminate misaligned corners. It even allows outer frames to be constructed on-site if there are access issues.

Concealed Drainage

Our doors also feature cleverly concealed drainage, eliminating the need for unsightly drainage cover caps or big bulky drainage systems, keeping the sleek look of your bi-fold doors.

Outstanding Security Features

From bespoke Winkhaus Thunderbolt locks, to custom-designed VBH hardware, every element of the Prestige bi-fold has been designed to keep you and your home secure. All our lock options, including our high-security Ultion lock upgrade

Bring The Outside In

Prestige bi-folds can help soften boundaries, creating an increased sense of space and a seamless transition between your garden and the inside of your home. Giving you bright airy interiors no matter what style or configuration you choose.

10 Year Warranty

We’ve partnered with industry experts to source the very best bespoke hardware based on proven ‘tried and tested’ designs. Including a unique Ultion folding key and lock combination. All hardware is covered by our comprehensive 10-year Warranty.

Are you ready to transform the look of your home with our leading Bi-Fold Doors?

black bifold doors installed by klic

Bi-Fold Doors

The ultimate way to open your garden up into your home. Bi-fold doors are made up of several large panels that fold back against a wall as a concertina. Our bi-fold doors are aluminium as standard to ensure the frames are as slim as possible, maximising the view of the outside. The lightness allowing for the easy opening along with the length opening if you choose to bring the outside in on a warm sunny day. Available in various colours to suit your home.

Our Reviews

Read why our customers loved using KLIC Home Improvements to transform their home!

Bob Lloyd
Bob Lloyd★★★★★
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We recently had new upstair windows fitted to our property. The fitters arrived at 8.30 in the morning and left, having cleared up all the mess at 5.30pm. The guys were very friendly and did an excellent job.
Elizabeth Boydon
Elizabeth Boydon★★★★★
Read More
Process from start to finish was easy and convenient. I put the enquiry in, someone got back to me almost immediately and arranged to come and talk through my needs at a time convenient to me.
Thommy H
Thommy H★★★★★
Read More
Efficient, friendly service. Installation was carried out over two days, fitters were prompt and polite and left no mess! Windows look good and the effect on our home's energy efficiency is already noticeable. Happy to recommend.
Jenny Brightwell
Jenny Brightwell★★★★★
Read More
I had windows and door fitted and they are great. They were unusual sizes but Klic Home improvements were not phased by this. Great job, very efficient and the installer was great, very professional and cleaned up after himself. I would definitely recommend this company
Samuel Frost
Samuel Frost★★★★★
Read More
Great service from start to finish. Salesmen was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Kept up to date throughout manufacture of windows. Installation team was top class kept workarea very tidy and made sure job was done right and to our satisfaction.

Bi-Fold Doors FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions by our customers.

Bi-fold doors and sliding doors differ in how they operate and look. When opened, bi-fold doors neatly fold back onto themselves, conserving indoor space, whereas sliding doors slide along a track, potentially taking up more room in your living area. In terms of offering an uninterrupted view of the outdoors, bi-fold doors excel as their frame and mullion are out of the line of sight when fully opened. Bi-fold doors are also distinguishable by their modern, stylish design. Moreover, they provide enhanced insulation due to the tight seal between panels, offering superior protection against air leaks and water ingress.

Yes, Bi-fold doors are indeed suitable for the climate in Cambridge. These doors are designed to withstand a range of weather conditions. They are engineered with high-quality materials and seals that prevent air leakage, enhancing their insulating properties and making them highly efficient at retaining heat during the colder months.

Furthermore, Bi-fold doors offer excellent ventilation during the warmer months. They can be fully or partially opened to allow for maximum fresh air and natural light to enter the room. This can be particularly beneficial during the warmer summer days.

We understand that most of the construction of your bi-fold door will be glass. It’s due to this that we toughen and/or laminate the glass, making it much harder to break than standard glass. On top of this, it comes in double-glazing, giving it an extra pane of strength. 

Aluminium’s high degree of durability makes it harder to break or damage. On top of that, the locking system inside the frame locks the door and frame together at several points. We call this a multi-point locking system.  

The tracks also have locks in them, and are reinforced to be incredibly secure. As a result, the security of your home cannot be bypassed by simply lifting the door off its treads. Every feature of our Prestige bi-fold doors, from the custom-built Winkhaus Thunderbolt locks to the specially designed VBH hardware, has been meticulously engineered to ensure maximum security for you and your home. All of our lock choices, including the enhanced security option of the Ultion lock upgrade, provide anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-pick protection. Additionally, our patented corner jointing method produces extraordinarily robust frames, capitalising on the inherent durability of Sheerline’s aluminium composition.

Despite sounding contradictory, it’s entirely possible for a bi-fold door to sport good insulation and ventilation. They incorporate clever design elements to enable both. For ventilation, bi-fold doors can be equipped with features such as top-hung vents, trickle vents, and louvres, enabling precise control over airflow and allowing the option to completely block ventilation if desired. In terms of insulation, bi-fold doors employ thermal breaks, insulated glass, and weatherstripping to prevent heat loss. We customise our bi-fold doors to meet your specific needs, offering the level of energy efficiency that suits you best.

Aluminium is an incredibly strong material that can withstand wear and tear. It holds up very well against harsh weather conditions, resisting rusting, warping, corroding and overall just ensuring that your bi-fold doors maintain quality and function for years to come. The robustness allows them to accommodate the large panes of glass that make up the bi-fold door configuration. 

The lifespan of aluminium bi-fold doors range decades. This long term durability makes them excellent long-term investments with a startling value for the price tag. On top of that, you won’t have to do much to maintain your doors. Aluminium bi-fold doors demand little maintenance, unlike wood, as they do not have to be painted or stained regularly. A simple clean with soapy water is typically enough if the doors or windows have gathered dirt. 

Aluminium is a non-porous material, boasting a resistance to weathering, moisture and sunlight. This resistance protects against damage from rot and mould that often affect other types of doors. This makes them suitable in not only Cambridge, but all types of areas, including coastal areas where homes are at a higher risk of corrosion from the salt air. 

Aluminium is also part of the sustainable green future solutions. It is 100% recyclable without losing any of its original properties. This makes bi-fold doors an eco-friendly choice.

Whilst it’s impossible to give definitive figures or likelihoods, there are a few factors that go into whether your home’s value will be improved with whatever home improvement work you have done on it. 

One fairly big factor is functionality. For example, if you replace every single pane window in your house with our double-glazed, superior framed A++ grade replacement windows, you will effectively grant your house a range of benefits. One of these is energy efficiency since 25%+ of heat is lost through single-pane windows. With A++ grade double glazing, however, you prevent around 75%+ of the heat you’d otherwise lose. 

Another is aesthetic. Nice-looking additions to your home often result in not only better value added to the property for resale, but also likely more interest in the property in general. 

That being said, how much value you get differs. Some people believe that you get 100% of what you pay for in the overall value, but the truth is that it’s usually a fraction. Overall, when it comes to high-quality Bi-Fold Door installations, there are actually a lot of reports of high levels of return on the investment – over 60-80% on average. 


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