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Jun 13, 2024 | 

From its inception, KLIC Home Improvements has grown into a leading home improvement company. Central to its success is a robust partnership with Emplas, which has provided essential support, strategic resources, and a three-year sole supplier agreement that has driven KLIC’s impressive growth and market position.

KLIC Home Improvements was established in January 2021, founded by Brett Wittam and Phil Dorrington, leveraging their extensive experience in the home improvement sector to build a company focused on quality and customer service.

Stewart Grand, Director at KLIC, commented on their partnership with Emplas, “We engaged with Emplas from day one. In the early days, Emplas provided all the marketing materials and accreditations we needed to help grow our business from the ground up.”

Stewart officially joined KLIC as a director last year, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous roles. “I spent 13 years as the business manager for a home improvement company, helping them grow from a small local firm to one of the largest national installers in the UK,” he shares.

KLIC’s growth trajectory has been impressive. From its inception, the company has achieved an annual turnover of £1 million, with projections to reach £4-5 million in the current year.

Emplas’s Role in KLIC’s Success

Most notably, KLIC recently signed a three-year sole supplier agreement with Emplas, a significant milestone that has bolstered their competitive advantage.

Stewart elaborates, “We’ve signed a three-year sole supplier agreement with Emplas, giving us supplier security in an uncertain market. This partnership ensures we have the resources and support needed to continue our growth trajectory and maintain our high standards.”

Emplas provides a wide range of support services that have been instrumental in KLIC’s operational efficiency and growth. “Emplas supports us every step of the way, providing samples, brochures, and marketing collateral,” says Stewart.

“This comprehensive support allows us to focus on what we do best—installing windows and doors—without worrying about the logistics of marketing materials or sample products.”

Innovative Real-Time Tracking from Emplas

A key component of Emplas’s support is its IT-led innovation, particularly the real-time delivery tracking system. This advanced technology has been developed and tested over 18 months, ensuring precise delivery scheduling and enhanced customer communication. Emplas’s real-time tracking capability offers two-hour delivery slots based on predictive analysis of journey times, accounting for congestion and other variables.

Stewart discusses the benefits of this system: “The real-time tracking provided by Emplas has been incredibly beneficial for us. Knowing exactly when our deliveries will arrive allows us to plan our installations more efficiently and keep our customers informed. It’s a game-changer for our operations.”

Emplas’s system includes comprehensive data analysis, encompassing 200-300 customer drops, 75 delivery routes, and 20,000-30,000 km of the UK road network each week. Integration with live traffic data ensures accuracy and reliability. When a lorry reaches the preceding drop, the system sends a text notification to the assigned customer point of contact, indicating their delivery is 30 minutes away.

Stewart highlights the impact of this feature: “Receiving delivery notifications helps us manage our workflow more effectively. The early morning alerts, while sometimes a bit early, are a small price to pay for the increased efficiency and customer satisfaction they bring.”

Operational Highlights and Market Position

Despite market downturns and the collapse of major players like Everest and Safestyle, KLIC’s lean operational model and low overheads have positioned them favourably in the competitive home improvement market. Their strategic focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction has enabled them to thrive where others have faltered.

Stewart Grand explains their approach: “We take a different approach. We’re a small business and we focus on doing a good job and providing exceptional customer service. While other companies might aim for rapid expansion, we prioritise quality over quantity. Our goal is to maintain a manageable scale that allows us to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

The company’s emphasis on exceptional customer service is validated by its top ratings on Trustpilot, a critical factor in building and maintaining customer trust. Stewart proudly notes, “We are the most trusted company in our area on Trustpilot, and that’s where we want to stay. Our customers’ feedback is invaluable, and we strive to exceed their expectations with every project.”

Strategic Vision and Future Outlook

KLIC Home Improvements maintains a clear vision for the future: to remain a regional leader without pursuing national expansion. The company aims to increase its market share within East Anglia by continuing to deliver high-quality products and services. Their strategic focus is on sustainable growth and maintaining a stellar reputation.

Stewart articulates this vision: “We want to take more of the market share in our area. We’ve got no desire to chase turnover for the sake of expansion. This approach allows us to maintain close control over our operations and consistently deliver the high standards our customers expect.”

KLIC Home Improvements’ rapid ascent in the home improvement sector is a testament to strategic planning, operational excellence, and robust partnerships. Emplas has provided essential support and fostered a mutually beneficial relationship.

“Our relationship with Emplas has been crucial. From the very beginning, they’ve provided us with the tools and support we needed to establish and grow our business,” Stewart emphasises.

“Emplas has been with us every step of the way, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

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