What Are Sliding Sash Windows?

What Are Sliding Sash Windows?

A sliding sash window is a type of window that has two or more panels that slide vertically, typically in a grooved track. Traditionally, Sliding Sash Windows were always made out of Wood.

Vertical Sliding Sash

They are also known as vertical sliding sash windows or sash and case windows.

Traditional and Period Homes

Sliding sash windows are common in traditional and period homes, especially in the UK, where they originated in the 17th century.

Classic Appearance

Sliding sash windows are made up of several parts, including the frame, sashes, mullions, and glass panes. The frame is the outer structure that holds the window in place. The sashes are the movable panels that slide up and down within the frame. The mullions are the vertical bars that divide the sashes into smaller sections. The glass panes are the transparent sheets that fill the sections of the sashes.


Sliding sash wooden windows have some advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of windows. Some of the advantages are:

Natural Ventilation

  • They allow natural ventilation and air circulation, as both the top and bottom sashes can be opened.

Character and Charm

  • They add character and charm to the exterior and interior of the house, as they have a classic and elegant appearance.

Different Styles

  • They can be customised to suit different styles and preferences, as they come in various colours, materials, and designs.


Some of the disadvantages of Wooden Sliding Sash Windows are:

Regular Maintenance

  • They require regular maintenance and cleaning, as they can accumulate dust and dirt in the tracks and sashes.

Drafty and Inefficient

  • They can be less energy-efficient and more prone to draughts, as they have gaps between the sashes and the frame.

Expensive to Install

  • They can be more expensive and difficult to install, as they need specialised skills and equipment.

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Today with our KLIC Range of UPVC Sliding Sash Windows you can get all the traditional benefits with none of the disadvantages.

Replicate Traditional Wood Appearance

KLIC Home UPVC Sliding Sash Windows are designed to replicate the appearance and functionality of traditional timber sash windows, but with improved performance and durability.

Benefits of UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Some of the benefits of our Sliding Sash Windows are:

Very Energy Efficient

They are energy-efficient and can reduce heating costs, as they have double glazing, low-E glass, and argon gas filling.

Low Maintenance

They are low maintenance and easy to clean, as they have tilt-in sashes, self-lubricating hardware, and durable PVCu profiles.

Safe and Secure

They are secure and safe, as they have multipoint locking systems, key locks, and child safety restrictors.

Reassuringly Bespoke

They are versatile and customisable, as they come in various colours, finishes, and styles, and can be fitted with Georgian bars, sash horns, and decorative glass.

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