What Is the Difference Between Double Glazing and Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing

If you’re considering installing new windows in your home, the choice between different types of glazing can be somewhat confusing. This hasn’t always been the case. Up to the 1970s, the only real option was single glazing, but glazing advancements emerged leading to the development of secondary glazing and double glazing. While these terms sound […]

Can You Double-Glaze Existing Windows?

double glazing existing windows

Double-glazed windows are some of the best home improvements you can make, especially in the wake of Britain’s energy price hike, but it may not be cost-effective to buy entirely new double-glazed windows for every space in the home. But what about adding glazing to an existing window? The answer is – yes. That being […]

Can I Reseal Double Glazed Windows?

Resealing windows

Double Glazing is one of the most common window upgrades, enhancing both the comfort and the energy efficiency of your home. The two panes of glass with air or argon gas between them, slows the heat transfer from the inside to the outside by a large amount, meaning your home stays consistently warm for much […]

Failed Double Glazed Windows (How to know your double glazing has failed)

Double glazed window fixed

When you work with KLIC Home, you work with a team of home improvement providers that offer quality products installed professionally. One of our most popular services is our double glazed windows.  Unfortunately, not every window installer out there takes the same care as we do when choosing appropriate windows and installing them, meaning sometimes […]

What Are Sliding Sash Windows?

What Are Sliding Sash Windows? A sliding sash window is a type of window that has two or more panels that slide vertically, typically in a grooved track. Traditionally, Sliding Sash Windows were always made out of Wood. Vertical Sliding Sash They are also known as vertical sliding sash windows or sash and case windows. […]

What Are Flush Sash Windows?

Enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home with Flush Sash windows from KLIC Home Improvements. What are Flush Sash Windows? Flush sash windows are a type of window that have sashes that close flush with the frame, creating a smooth and elegant appearance. They are designed to replicate the style of traditional timber […]

Are You Choosing the Right Glass for Your Double Glazing?

Industry Leading Performance Are you looking for a way to keep your home warm and cozy while also saving energy? Look no further than KLIC Home! We offer a range of insulated glass units that are perfect for any home. Our modern glazing can maximise your home’s comfort, for a difference you may not ‘see’ […]

KUBU Wins G23 Component Supplier of the Year

Component Supplier of the Year Kubu has been crowned the ‘Component Supplier of the Year’ at the prestigious G-Awards 2023! Fastest Growing Smart Sensor Brand As the fastest growing Smart Sensor brand, trusted by some of the biggest fabricators in the UK*, this accolade stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence […]

The KLIC Home Ambassador Scheme

How to Save Money Are you looking for a way to save money on your home improvements and share your experience with others? How about becoming an ambassador customer for KLIC Home Improvements? The leading local choice for window and door replacement in East Anglia. Our Ambassador Scheme As an ambassador customer you will enjoy […]

Why Choose KLIC Home?

Professional Company 🏠👍 If you are looking for a reliable and professional home improvement company in East Anglia, you should consider KLIC Home Improvements. Here are some reasons why: Assure Certified Installer ✅ KLIC Home Improvements is an Assure approved installer of double-glazing windows, doors and conservatories. This means that we meet the highest standards […]

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